Assessment Page Overview

Helpful features on your assessment tab.

Here are a couple of different features of the general assessment page. Click here to view a detailed article on how to set up your assessments. 

  1. Edit Assessment Button: Clicking “Edit Assessment” on any of your assessment cards opens up a pop-out where you can customize each assessment. 
    1. Here you can set the assessment name, description, and most importantly open and close dates. Click here to view an article on best practices with setting open/close dates. 
    2. You can add in your own custom questions/take out default questions. Click here to view an article on the different assessment question options. 
    3. You can also edit if questions are required to answer to submit an assessment. 
    4. On custom free-response questions you can select if responses to that question should/should not be shown to students. Click here to view an article on custom free-response questions answers’ visibility to students
  2. Duplicate Assessment Feature: Clicking the “Duplicate Assessment” button will create a copy of that assessment with all its customizations and changes. 

You can also copy over assessments to different courses!

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