How to Onboard Your Students

Quickly get your students on the platform so they can start being superstars in their group!

Here at CoStudy, one of our goals is to save you, the professor, your valuable time. That’s why we have students do most of the onboarding themselves. Here’s what you’ll need to do before you send the invite link!

     1. Create groups and (outside of the CoStudy platform) assign students to a group before having students sign up.

This needs to be done outside the platform before you set up the course because your students will choose what group they’re in when they sign up.  

        2. Add in the number of groups you'll ned for your course.
               a. Go to the Groups tab
               b. Click the Add Group button to create as many groups as you will need
             c. Name your groups (they will be auto-populated “Group 1, Group 2…” but if you want to customize it, do that here.

    If you change the group names, make sure to tell your students the new name, this is what they will see upon signup!

         3.  Tell your students what group they are in.

              a. When students go to create their course, they will need to know which group they are in to complete their setup. 

              b. Make sure to tell your students the name of the group they are in if you changed it. 

         4. Send out the invite link/code to your students

         5. Monitor the platform to ensure all your students sign up!

              a. Wasn’t that easy :)