How to Set Up Your Assessments

Tips and best practices for setting up your assessments. (One of the most important steps for success with CoStudy)

Before the semester/quarter starts, you’ll want to set up when you want your students to take their assessments, customize the assessment questions to better fit your course, and add in any custom questions/assessments you want your students to answer/take. 


     1. CoStudy will have 5 default assessments: Goal Setting, Check-In #1, Mid Point Review, Check-In #2, and Final Review. We recommend deleting or adding in any assessments first
    • Goal Setting: This assessment is where students can create goals for themselves and their groups. Right now these goals aren't shared with their peers to promote honesty.
    • Check-Ins: These are quicker assessments that are meant to get a quick glimpse into how the group is operating and if there are any serious issues that may need professor intervention. This also is where students can learn more about how they operate within their groups and make changes to become better group members. 
    • Evaluations: These longer assessments are curated so that you, the professor, get a better idea of how each group member is participating. These reviews can assist with participation or general grading. 

     2. Put dates in each assessment, this is when they will be sent out to your students. 

     3. If you want the assessments to not close move to step 4, if you want the assessments to have a due date click the circle under “Closes” and enter a close date.

    • By having a close date students will not be able to take the assessment after the close date. 

     4. Now, we recommend editing your assessments. Click “Edit Assessment” to review all the research-backed questions CoStudy has designed for your students. If you want to remove a question from the assessment, simply click the circle checkmark next to that question. 

Make sure to click “Save Assessment” at the bottom of the pop-out after editing the assessments!


     5. If you would like to add in your own custom question, scroll down to the bottom of the edit assessment pop-out and click “Add a Custom Question”

    • If you want the question to be asked towards the peers and to the individual taking the survey, click both checkboxes. 
    • Then choose your question type: Linear (1-5 scale), Free Response, Multiple Choice, or Check-Boxes 
    • Now, write your question from the perspective of who’s answering the question. For peers, it will be a student reviewing another student. For self, it will be a student reviewing themselves. 
      • Ex: Peer (Did ${firstName} interrupt during meetings?)
      • Ex: Self (Do you think you interrupted others during meetings?)

If you want the name to show up in the question type exactly as follows: ${firstName}

    • Then add in the answer options for this question. 
    • Finally, click save question.

Once you’re done selecting/deselecting questions and adding in any custom questions, make sure to click save assessment at the bottom of the pop-out!