How to View and Use Group Insights

The insights page is your go-to place for all the data you’ve collected by sending out the CoStudy assessments. At the top of the page, you’ll get a quick course overview showing you averages across all your students, and completion rates for the assessments. 

Below course insights, you’ll find the group widgets. Each group card displays quick information about the group’s performance. Quickly see group completion rates, red flags, and student issues. If a group is performing poorly, you’ll be able to identify that on the card and click view more to dive into the data. 

On the view more pop-out, we display the most important and easy-to-understand data first. We found that professors don’t really need the full data until the grading period. That’s why we first display averages (self and peer explained in another article), then the free-response data (what our professors say they look at the most), and then if you need it the full data is at the bottom.