Student Insights Page

A how-to and best practices for insights on CoStudy.

Step 1: Log in to CoStudy at

Step 2: Select your course. 

Step 3: Select the insights tab.

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Step 3: On the right of the page you will be able to see your answers to the goal-setting survey you did at the begging of your course (if your professor had this assessment added.)

  • We include your responses for the goal-setting on the insight page to serve as a constant reminder of what you wanted to achieve at the beginning of the semester.
  • This is a good place to come to a couple of times throughout the semester/quarter to see if you are actively working to achieve your goals. 
  • If you feel comfortable, share your goals with your team members to see if they can help you achieve the goals you have outlined/have any tips on how you can do so. 

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    Step 4: On the main part of the insights page you will be able to see anonymous comments left by your peers. This includes comments from the custom forms your professor has made (if he/she has made them available.)

    • Free response comments are one of the most valuable pieces of insight you can receive when working in a group. 
    • We apply the delta-plus model in all of our default surveys. The delta is one aspect that your peer has identified that you can change. The plus is one aspect that your peer has identified that you do really well. The purpose of the delta-plus model is to show you that there are always areas for improvement, but you are a valuable member of the team you are on. 
    • (If you feel comfortable, try using the delta-plus model at the end of your group meetings.)

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    Step 5: You should also be able to see your quantitative report above the comment section. We have split this into two sections. The first section is your averages for our 4 main categories (Communication, Engagement, Team Dynamics, and Project Work.) The second section is hidden and you will need to click the expand button to see the rest of the results. The expanded section shows you all of your scores for the individual questions. 

    • The expanded section is really useful for understanding exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are. Analyzing specific questions to see what you can improve on in your group and areas to keep succeeding at will be really useful for overall group success. 

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