Setting Assessment Start/Close Dates

A key aspect for letting your students know when to complete their assessments.

You must set an open date for all of your assessments. Here are a couple of tips:

  • We recommend setting the dates that your assessments will open at the beginning of the class, even if they are rough estimates. 
  • When assessments open, an automatic email will be sent to all students in your course letting them know that a new assessment is available to complete. 
  • We recommend closing assessments (done by clicking the “This Assessment Closes” checkbox) as this sets a hard deadline for students to complete their assessments. 
  • Setting a close date will trigger automatic email reminders as the deadline approaches for those who have either:
    • Not completed the assessment at all. 
    • Those who have partially completed an assessment, but have not clicked submit. 
    • Those who have originally completed + submitted an assessment, but a new group member has joined the group and there are more questions to complete. 

Not setting a close date means that these emails will not be sent to students.

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