The Difference Between Self and Peer Scores

This tends to be one of the more confusing but also the most important aspects to understand on the platform. Correctly viewing the (Peer | Self) scores will help you identify issues that may occur within a group, even if the students aren’t verbalizing it in the free-response section. 

For every average and specific question score, you’ll see two numbers for each student. On the left you’ll see Peer, this is the average that this student has received from their other group members. On the right is Self, this is what the student scored themselves on that particular question. 

Your attention should be drawn to two numbers that are very different. This identifies an issue for that particular question. If all of a student’s peers are giving them a 2 and they give themselves a 5, it shows you that communication on issues occurring in the group may not be the best. If you see a trend throughout a student’s scores, it may be worth some professor intervention to facilitate a conversation on how to communicate issues.