Understanding Assessment Types

Differences between Goal Setting, Check-In, Evaluation, and Custom Forms

We offer four main types of assessment on the CoStudy platform. The details and best uses are outlined below. 

  1. Goal Setting: This assessment is where students can create goals for themselves and their groups. Right now these goals aren't shared with their peers to promote honesty in their answers. The answer to these goal questions will be displayed on the student’s insight page throughout the semester to remind them of what they said at the very beginning of their group projects. 
  2. Check-Ins: These are quicker assessments that are meant to get a quick glimpse into how the group is operating and if there are any serious issues that may need professor intervention. This also is where students can learn more about how they operate within their groups and make changes to become better group members. 
  3. Evaluations: These longer assessments are curated so that you, the professor, get a better idea of how each group member is participating. These reviews can assist with participation or general grading. 
  4. Custom Forms: These are blank assessments that you can customize to fit the needs of your classes/groups. This can be anything from individual meeting feedback forms to getting advice on how you are performing as a professor.
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