Understanding Course Insights Page

Explaining what each section of the insights page provides you, the professor.

Outlined below are the first two features you see on the insights tab of your course. 

  1. Overall Averages Section: On the left-hand side of the page is overall averages for all the students in your course. This will display averages across the different assessments, categories (Communication, Engagement, Team Dynamics, and Project Work), and the average student score. 
  2. Completion Rate Bars: On the right-hand side of the page is the completion rate bars. This will give you a quick glimpse into how many of your students have completed any of the open assessments. 
    1. Scrolling down the page will show you the completion rates for each individual group, click here to view an article diving into this section of the insights page.  

Download Excel Course Data: Clicking the “Download CSV” button on the right side of the page will download a CSV file of all of the assessment results for your entire course. 

After clicking this button, please give the page a couple of seconds to load your course data and download the file

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